Listen to your
customers and learn

Businesses who want to evolve will listen to their customer and learn about their customers less than satisfactory experience. 

By figuring out exactly what happened, not only can you take ownership and responsibility - you can prevent it from happening again. 

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Invite employees to participate in collaborating about the event.

Management can invite employee’s via email to participate in contributing to the description of the event.

Each review is a unique event and the employee will not be able to see anything else, other than the review they were involved with.

Win-Back Features

Learn what makes our case management system for bad reviews superior.


What Happened?

Get your team involved by collaborating on what happened with this customer.

Event Prophylaxis

Discuss with your team the measures your going to take to prevent this from happening again. #businessevolution

Brokering Satisfaction

Strategize on how your team is going to put your best foot forward, being the customer centric company you claim to be.

Breaking the Ice

Prepare your private outreach to your customer to win-them-back. We have tips to help you be successful.

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