We identify reviews that qualify for removal and dispute them.

Because we use software, our costs are 20x-100x less expensive than our competitors.

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Bad Reviews have been proven to:

Bad Reviews Lower Revenue

Lower Annual Revenues

bad reviews raise your blood pressure

Increase Blood Pressure

bad reviews increase the costs of your marketing

Increase Costs of Advertising 

Start Protecting your Busines From Review Fraud

Your business may be getting illegitimate reviews from competitors, bots, fake review farms,  ex-employees, third parties, and crazy customers. They will deteriorate your reputation, your sales and your health. Let us take care of your reputation. Want to learn more about what is review fraud and how it works?

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What’s stopping your competitors from writing bad reviews about your business, taking your clients and ruining your online reputation?


Bots/Review Farms

At least 40% of internet traffic is non-human and the number is rising. Bots are programmed to write random reviews to “develop” account maturity before sold to an astroturfer.


Untruthful Customers

Some customers use online reviews in order to get something for free, or heavily discounted. The trend is only getting worse.

How Objection Co will protect your business

Monitor Bad Reviews

Monitor Your Business

Detect an Illegitimate Review

Detect Objectionable Content

Dispute Bad Reviews

Remove Fake Reviews


“We’ve had 140+ fake reviews taken down over a short time. To do that with a consultant/agency would be very expensive.”

Ramsey Karame

Co-Owner @ Chicken Maison

Home Services

“I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without this company.”

Jamies Smith

President @ American Air Conditioning & Heating


“He’s helped us remove close to 30 reviews in just a few weeks bringing us another star to our rating. I couldn’t have done it on my own.”

Max Avocadi

Co-Owner @ Cafe Portofino


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