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Honestly Now, Is This The Way
To Remove Bad Reviews?

Most reputation software companies don’t have a review removal department, we do.

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Your review removal system needs some work

Most business owners and marketers will only dispute 1-10 reviews during their entire career. We do that every hour, experience matters.

  ❌  Your not an expert in Reputation Management

   ❌  You give up after your first dispute attempt

  ❌  You don’t know what works and what doesn’t


Your existing CRM or Reputation Software can’t help

None of the major CRM’s or Reputation Management software companies have review dispute departments you can call. We do.


❌    Lack of knowledge in disputing reviews

❌  Does not actively protect you from bad reviews

❌  Does not have a review removal department



How much are bad reviews costing your business?

“For every star you are missing from your rating, you can estimate an annual revenue loss of 5-9%” 

Harvard Economics Profess Michael Luca

Harvard Business Review

What if you could remove all of your
illegitimate bad reviews by automating our
advanced dispute process? is the only simple Review Dispute Software with all the features you need to manage your negative reviews and build the best Reputation around your business without having to deal with anything or anyone.


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Step 1: 

Easily Sync your Listings

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Step 2: 

Learn what can and should be removed and what needs to be responded to

✅  Instantly add the reviews from your listings

✅  Identify Removable Review Content

✅  Advanced Fraudulent Profile Scanner

✅  Automated Intelligent Workflows. 

Negative Review Decision Tree

Step 3: 

Track Your Dispute Progress

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This is Why Hundreds of Companies


“We’ve had 140+ reviews taken down over a short time. To do that with a consultant/agency would be very expensive.”

American Air | Objection Co Testimonial Video

“I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without this company.”

Hundreds of Companies have already switched to, when will you? is already helping companies just like yours manage

their reviews and improve their reputation.


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