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Can you pay Yelp to remove bad reviews

The answer is no. No, you cannot pay Yelp to remove bad reviews. However, you can pay someone to dispute negative reviews on Yelp, or anywhere else for a specific fee. However, Yelp does not provide such a service. Besides, you don't have to pay a fee to dispute a bad review if it violates

Review Fraud is running rampant

Nowadays, many small to large business owners are searching for ways to get more reviews as the positive and negative impact of them on the business world isn't ignorable. On account of this, review fraud continues to run rampant since some of these business owners want to achieve success effortlessly. However, fake reviews are harmful

The real reason people are motivated to write bad reviews

As Bill Gates said, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Bad reviews reflect the hidden feelings and thoughts of your unhappy customers. You can also utilize these reviews to learn how your customers see you in their minds. However, you can't find out why people don't like you or why they

How to close deals when you have bad reviews

The business world is full of endless negotiations, obstacles, and disagreements. So a businessman is required to have the ability to close deals since every unsolved problem sets the stage for another one. That also applies to customer reviews because every bad review creates a new obstacle. Bad reviews increase your blood pressure, hurt the advertisement costs

How can Auto Dealerships remove bad reviews

Running an auto dealership isn't easy and it comes with its own unique stress that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Sure the cars mostly sell themselves, but you also have to deal with human beings who are notorious for disliking the auto buying experience. There are the usual core problems which makes

How to automate review removal

Bad reviews are everywhere. They're like bacteria that swear to make everyone sick as soon as winter begins. They kill the reputation and credibility of all businesses from big to small. They don't only spoil your breakfasts and dinners, but also increase your blood pressure. But don't worry. We are here to automate the review removal

Using Zapier to zap bad reviews

The worse thing than getting bad reviews about your company and brand is the challenging process of dealing with them. Who has enough time for that? You're already dealing with the everyday jobs of the stressful business world, and you don't even have enough time for yourself. So, how will you get the energy to

bad reviews increase the cost of advertising
Bad reviews increase the cost of advertising, but how?

Advertising is still the best method of communication with your target audience ─ also the most expensive one. Everyone, including you, wants to create ads with the best return and on the lowest cost. But things may not go as planned. A few bad reviews you get will lead you to pay more for future

bad reviews hurt small businesses
Bad reviews cost small businesses billions, based on Harvard study.

Are you a small business in trouble with bad reviews? Take a deep breath and lean back. Because the article you're about to read will get you down. But don't worry right away, we will help you find a way! Harvard Business School has published a recent case study on reviews, reputation and revenue of

Bad Reviews will raise your blood pressure
Bad reviews will increase your blood pressure!

Be a small startup company with a few people working or a big one with thousands, only a few bad reviews are enough to increase your blood pressure. Imagine that you pick up your smartphone to view a new notification and encounter with a bad review that one of your customers provided. What would be