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Someone or a group of people insulted the reputation of you or your company, and you want to go legal? You take a chair then because we’ll open the defamation lawyer directory. In daily life, people insult others less than in the online world because it takes guts when it comes to face to face. Besides, many of cyberbullies and haters lie up behind their fake accounts and identities. We’ve also addressed this issue in the article that we explained what the sock puppetting is. Considering that cyberbullying and sock puppetting are going widespread day after day, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that defamation lawyers will be as busy as a bee soon.

So what is defamation law?

Defamation law is the area of law that moves in when someone or a group of people makes a statement that hurts the reputation of another and sometimes causes a tort or a crime. So, the main objective of defamation law is to punish the unjust statements and prevent the upcoming ones.

When does it become a defamation case?

The defamation law of each country works differently, but all or many usually include the following.

  • Someone makes a statement that is not true and hurts the reputation of another.
  • Someone’s behavior causes material or moral loss to another.
  • The statement is slander or libel.

These statements could be verbal and written as well as visual. It makes no difference when they cause one or more of the above, and the victim has the right to take legal action. 

What does a defamation lawyer do?

A defamation lawyer is someone who requests the defamation law to come into force. When a person hires a defamation lawyer, he or she is probably insulted and wants to cover the damage suffered legally. So, the first job of the defamation lawyer is to make sure that this person is really insulted. Once your lawyer agrees with you, he or she will help you to sue and obtain your right for a certain fee. After that, everything else depends on the quality of your lawyer and the reality of your situation. Remember, the truth is essential in defamation cases.

How much does a defamation lawyer cost?

If you’re the plaintiff,

It’s probably between 25% to 40% of the compensation, depending on the duration of the case. Defamation cases can be very expensive since research and investigation are indispensable for these cases, and they always seek the truth.

If you’re the defendant,

Your lawyer would probably work for an hourly wage. The lawyer is responsible for sending you a bill of hours he or she worked in your case. So, it depends on the duration of the case whether it will be expensive or not.

Is it worth to sue when you’re insulted?

The answer to this question depends on the damage caused by the insult to you and the profit you will get from the case. Your loss would double when you can’t win the case, and the loss of time and energy would cause you new problems. It’s also possible to win a real defamation case with an experienced lawyer and ultimately to be profitable. That’s to say, it’s up to you to take it or leave it.

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