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The worse thing than getting bad reviews about your company and brand is the challenging process of dealing with them. Who has enough time for that? You’re already dealing with the everyday jobs of the stressful business world, and you don’t even have enough time for yourself. So, how will you get the energy to save your company from these bad reviews?

In such a case, automating some things can save you both time and energy, and this is why we integrate Objection AI with Zapier. You can easily use our AI on the Zapier platform and zap bad reviews automatically. But before zapping bad reviews, let us tell you a little bit about Zapier.

What is Zapier, and why should you use it?

Zapier, in their words, is the easiest way to automate your work. You can use Zapier to link your apps and get data to automate things. This process consists of three simple steps: integrate, automate, and innovate. You need to integrate your apps with Zapier so they can share data, and then you can automate workflows to pass information from one to another automatically.

You can integrate Zapier with more than 1,500 apps that include Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook Pages, and more. It has a simple dashboard that lets anyone build automatic workflows in just a few touches. You can either use Zapier for free or buy premium plans that start at $20 to do more complex jobs.


Zapier + Objection Co


How does Objection AI integrate with Zapier?

To remove or respond to bad reviews, you should integrate Objection AI with Zapier, and this is a piece of cake. First, you should create an Objection and Zapier account. Then, you can create a zap and choose our AI. That’s it! You can also check the Zapier help center to find further information about how to create a zap. 

After the integration, you can create workflows to handle bad reviews either automatically or manually, that’s up to you. You can also check our Zapier Tutorial if you feel a bit confused about how to use Objection AI on the Zapier platform. 

Here’s your invite code: Invitation to Connect Zapier to Objection Co

Why should you automate review removal and response?

Bad reviews are much riskier than you estimated. They lead you to pay more for future ads and undermine your current earnings. To avoid this, you should find a high-performing solution, and this is what we offer you. You can use our AI to identify, remove, or respond to bad reviews, but it is both difficult and time-consuming to do this manually. 

If an algorithm does the work for you, why do you exhaust yourself? Let our AI work for you while you’re working or sleeping. It is easy to handle a few bad reviews manually, but you won’t stay as a small business for a lifetime, will you? You will grow up, and people who hate you will also increase gradually. It is a vain effort to strive to satisfy everyone. You can’t please everyone, and there will always be someone who hates you. Don’t let these people undermine your reputation and credibility. Just automate things and save your time and energy.

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