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Curtis Boyd
Curtis Boyd is the CEO/Founder of Objection Co, he enjoys spending time with his family and solving complex business problems.

Avvo is arguably the only attorney review website that actually matters. 

It ranks well, it filters content and the site is super helpful to its audience of millions of people each month.

Fortunately, their support staff are super responsive when it comes to disputing and flagging bad reviews for removal.

Fact: It only takes a few bad reviews online to hinder or completely destroy the confidence of a new client. The retainer agreement they were about to sign, gone forever. 

With this in mind, you need to make sure that you know how to handle bad reviews as well as implement a successful online reputation management process in your organization. Particularly, if you are a legal firm that attracts business by being promoted on review sites like AVVO. Since AVVO is the place (houses 97% of all lawyers in the US) for potential clients to go to find the best representation for their legal problems, bad reviews can be a huge stumbling block for any law firm that is looking to grow their business. 

Therefore you’re going to want to know more about AVVO.com’s review process and the removal of bad reviews, here are 4 essential things that you need to know.

1. Impact of Negative Reviews on Your Business

It’s important to try and measure how much business you might be loosing, so you can plan accordingly. Have you ever heard from a potential client that they were afraid to move forward with your firm because of the bad reviews? If the answer is yes, you are loosing a lot more than you realize. 

If you have people telling you this, you have A LOT MORE people who are not telling you this. This is because they sized you up and decided they wanted to go elsewhere.

According to online reputation management specialists, bad reviews will not only hesitate to retain for their legal cases but can also damage the firm’s prestige, trustworthiness, and profitability. For instance, studies on this topic also show 1 bad review can driveway approximately 22% of customers. This is one of the main reasons why even one bad review from a customer should not be taken lightly but requires an active response for companies to work to remove them.

2. What Reviews Qualify for Review Removal

The process for removing bad reviews vary from one site to another. So, each site’s bad review removal policies are not the same. Thankfully, the policies that AVVO follows are listed on the site and they are relatively simple and clear to understand. For those of you who are interested in what they entail, here is what you need to know.

  • Avvo has their own checks in place to handle bad reviews in order to weed them out.
  • User cannot post a bad review until they register for the site and then they must log in first prior to posting their comments.
  • Additionally, because Avvo believes strongly in protecting the rights of each legal firm and being fair, they have added these registration procedures in to weed out random comments that have made by those who are not even registered. This is also one of the main reasons why Avvo is more than willing to allow the bad reviews to be removed by users that cannot substantiate or confirm their claims.
  • Special Note- Avvo says that the checks and balances system is designed to protect the quality and the validity of the information posted on the site.
AVVO review removed

3. AVVO.com Official Negative Review Removal Process

1. To protect the validity of the review, the user is required to register before their review can be submitted.

2. After the user registers for the site, they will need to login and post the bad review. Avvo administration team reads each review before it can be posted on the site.

3. If the review is bad, you (business owner/representative) will be provided with a link that gives the ability to Respond to a bad review post. By responding to the review directly to address the situation, it is also seen as a way to remove the impact (if this is all that is really needed for that particular situation). The feedback is intended to diffuse the situation immediately (i.e. Our legal firm apologizes for the bad experience).

4. On the other hand, if the bad review needs to be removed completely instead of giving a simple response, the company can requests that the response is placed in the bad review dispute process.

  • During the dispute process, the bad review will not be displayed.
  • Administrators will contact the client or potential client to ask for confirmation of the facts.
  • At this time, the option is given to the consumer to edit it or delete it (i.e. remove the review so that it can no longer be viewed, based on the client’s approval.
  • *Note – AVVO.com is not held responsible for the reviewers claim but held liable themselves under 47 USC 230, Avvo, Inc.

4. Importance of Improving a Customers Experience and Online Reputation Management

Objection Co helps law firms manage bad reviews. While removal is a strategy we implement, it’s not the first one we recommend. For instance, in some cases our team may recommend turning a bad review into an asset. This is normally achieved by changing that customer’s bad customer experience into a good experience that they can rave about. Also, when the company does a superior job of achieving their goals, the customer will usually respond by letting everyone know the problem was addressed and they are pleased with results

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