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Google search results have often been a useful tool for us to reach our target audience directly. But sometimes you may want to get rid of them, and you could have more than one reason to do this. Some search results could be outdated or harmful to your reputation. So, you would like to sweep them under the carpet before anyone else sees them. In this article, we’ll handle this issue entirely and list all of the information that will be useful to you. Yet, there are various types of Google search results, and each of them needs a unique solution. So, we need to break this subject into sections.

Are the search results under your control or not?

The vast majority of Google search results have a source, and this is usually a web page or blog. So, you should first reach out to the source to remove or hide the content you don’t want.

How to remove search results that you can control

Content under your control is usually the information that exists on your web page, blog, or any platform that you can manage.

  • If you can access the platform that the content exists, try to remove the content on your own.
  • If you can’t, verify your site ownership on the Google Search Console and file a URL removal request.

How to remove search results that you can’t control

Content that is not under your control is usually the information from a third-party platform like an online newspaper, a blog of another, or a website.

None of the above resolved your issue?

You can also remove Google search results by using some third-party services. Yet, these services work for a certain fee, and we can’t say that there is such a thing as getting 100% results. There are some unscrupulous sites that offer guarantees for getting your content off of Google. Be wary of companies that promise results.

Is the content you want to remove an online review?

Objection AI has a history of success with this subject, and it performs your request in a shorter time than you can imagine. It monitors your online business and removes objectionable content automatically just when it detects. Over and above, you can test Objection AI for free by requesting a demo now. 

Removing Google search results doesn’t work for online reviews on third-party websites because people can still see them when they visit these websites. Therefore, a bad or unjust review needs a complete removal, and that’s what exactly Objection AI does.

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