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Trust Pilot is an open platform that allows consumers to share their experiences with professionals. The site has over 50 million reviews for more than 240,000 companies. Trust Pilot offers people a forum where they can share and check out reviews of businesses. If you want to increase your clientele, you can start by improving your profile on the platform. One thing you ought to ensure is that you get rid of bad reviews. Negative publicity by customers can ruin your reputation and affect the confidence of your clients concerning your brand or services. There are cases where customers post negative reviews to ruin a professional’s reputation. In such instances, Trust Pilot has policies in place to ensure that these false or misleading reviews are removed. 

You could use our free tool to see if the review qualifies for removal: by clicking here

Or you could read the review and look for particular circumstances that could warrant a negative review removal include:

  • Disclosing of Personal Information: You remove a negative review if the customer consists of your personal information in it. Personal information can include your name, address, cell number, credit card information, or other information that could make it easy to impersonate, contact or track you.
  • Technically Harmful Content: You can get rid of bad reviews that are meant for spam. Technical harmful content includes Trojan horses, computer viruses, worms, and malicious software.
  • False Information: You can remove false or misleading reviews. If a customer posts comments that are false or meant to give the wrong impression about your services, we can help you get rid of them.

Removing Bad Reviews Off Trust Pilot

Nowadays, getting ahead in your line of business requires effective marketing strategies. One of the popular ways many brands are improving their marketing strategies is through utilizing Internet resources. Apart from social media, a business can use client review sites to popularize its product or services. However, review sites can work against you if you keep getting negative reviews.

Here are steps you can take to get rid of bad reviews off of Trust Pilot and drive loads of traffic to your business.

Reply to Negative Comments

It is advisable to respond to negative reviews positively and professionally. Some of the tips you can use when replying to reviews include thanking the customer for their comments, keeping your response brief and polite, and inviting the client for an offline discussion. The ideal reply addresses the situation and should, therefore, be personal and relevant.

Exploit Negative Reviews

Bad reviews can be a good thing for your business. First of all, they can help you win loyalty and respect by returning customers. They also allow you to show empathy when you respond politely and thoughtfully. This will boost your sales. It is also a sign of credibility and authenticity. Most people are suspicious of companies that only have 5-star reviews.

Last but not least, bad reviews present you with a learning opportunity. You will get insights that will help you improve customer experience by solving problems. As a result, you will convert unsatisfied clients to returning clients and attract potential customers.

Report Bad Reviews

If a negative review is posted out of malice, you should report it to Trust Pilot for it to be removed. Trust Pilot will help you remove reviews that are against its user policy. However, where there is no provision for removal in the system, you can seek a court order. With a court order, you will be able to convince the client to drop their review or be liable to pay damages.

Impact of Negative Reviews on Businesses

Negative reviews have a damaging effect on your business. If you do not learn from negative reviews or exploit them to gain more business, then you can expect them to ruin your reputation. Not only will your reputation in the industry be affected, but also you will get less traffic to your business, and you might end up losing your existing clientele. In the long run, an accumulation of negative reviews will cause you to close shop after the expenses you incur on damage control exceed your income.

Importance of Improving Customer Experience

No product or service is not without its flaws. The role of the consumer is not only to purchase a product or service that adds value to their money but also to point out the aspects they did not like about that particular product or service. A good businessperson learns from the corrections they receive from their customers. When you rectify flaws and address most of your client’s concerns, you will improve their experience with your product or service. Customer experience does boost not only sales but also increases your ratings in the market.


Modern marketing strategies are focused on tapping the global market through the Internet. One avenue that generates loads of traffic for many businesses is review sites. Consult us for help in improving your brand’s online reputation and removing bad reviews from your Trust Pilot profile. When a professional is ranked highly on review sites, they also rank high on search engines and generate steep and steady traffic to their business.

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