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Curtis Boyd
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Bad reviews hurt

We are not referring to just your business and bottom line. Sometimes, you see a bad review from a patient or long term client and you feel hurt inside. You feel betrayed and wonder why your patient tor customer would say such hurtful things about you and your service.

You do not have to take the bad reviews lying down. There are steps to take where you can remove bad reviews from Vitals and protect your business and your feelings. All you have to do is follow those steps or contact us and we will do it for you.

The problem of removing negative reviews

One of the problems that come with trying to remove negative reviews about you is that most internet review sites like to keep them there. They want to be seen by their readers as an honest review source.

They hope to build trust in their readers and have their readers think the information they provide is above board and without favoritism. Even though these internet review services, like Vital, have this attitude, it is still possible to remove negative reviews.

It just may be more difficult to do so.

How to remove negative reviews from Vital

All it takes is a few simple steps and a lot of co-operation from the reviewer to get the negative review removed or changed to a positive one.

  • Talk to the reviewer- you can always contact the reviewer and ask them why they posted the negative review and ask them to rewrite or remove the bad review
  • Talk to vital- you can say that the review has violated their terms of service and should be removed as quickly as possible
  • Ask patients to give you a positive review- the more reviews you have the more people will trust you and this includes having negative reviews present on the website
  • Create positive reviews- if you have more positive reviews, the negative ones are pushed further down and may not be seen
  • Go to court- you can sue the reviewer and if you win, you can get Vital and different search engines to remove those negative reviews. But you have to have a legitimate case

The impact of negative reviews on businesses

Negative reviews can take their toll. People listen to all reviews and some even consider the reviews on Vital as personal references. What this attitude does is hurt your business and your reputation.

Sometimes when it comes to bringing in more patients, all you have is your reputation. The good service, medical care you provide will be spread by word of mouth and more patients will walk into your office.

Once your reputation gets tarnished, you will find it harder to get new patients. No matter how good your services and care truly are, you will lose potential patients because of this attitude.

The importance of trying to improve a customers experience

Not all negative reviews are out of line, unrealistic, exaggerated and so on. Sometimes they are very factual and on point. You will need to separate the negative crank reviews from the constructive ones and review your handling of your patients.

You or one of your office workers may have slipped up. It is important to take those negative constructive reviews seriously and see if you can find areas where you can improve.

Sometimes good negative reviews can help you spot a disgruntled employee, someone who made a huge error, etc., and the reviews give you time to correct the situation. Then you can write a good response and let the readers of Vital know you are on top of the situation and have solved the problem.

A little review management can go along way.

What we can do for you

When you find these negative reviews on Vital, you can handle it yourself. But, that will take more of your time and sometimes you just do not have the extra time. That is where we come in. Our business is to help you and we can handle those negative reviews for you.

Just give us a call and talk to us. We will handle the problem for you.

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