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You might be wondering: How can I get HomeAdvisor to remove a bad review from a customer?

Established in 1999, Home Advisor connects homeowners with service professionals. The platform allows homeowners to view project costs, find home professionals, and book appointments online. It also allows customers to share their feedback on their experience with individual professionals. As such, home professionals should aim to get positive reviews if they are to retain their customers and get new clients.

Chances are if your reading this then you probably have a bad review (or two)  you’d like to have removed by Home Advisor.

So that, you know:

  • only HomeAdvisor Administrators can remove a review on HomeAdvisor.com
  • In order to have them remove the review – you need to dispute it. 
  • We dispute our customers first review for free, so request a demo today. 

While you cannot remove all bad reviews, reducing the number of negative reviews is crucial to the reputation and success of your practice. In some cases, users violate the terms of posting reviews to harm the reputation or business of a professional. In these cases, Home Advisor may intervene by removing the bad reviews.

Here are some circumstances under which Home Advisor allows the removal of a bad review:

  • Spamming: Some Home Advisor users are concerned with hacking and other cybercrime activities. Therefore, some of the reviews are posted with fraudulent intentions. You can remove bad reviews that are found to be spam in nature.
  • Harassment: Some users use review sites to harass or solicit favors from professionals. You are allowed to remove reviews that are meant to harass or gain favors from service providers.
  • False: Some users have a vendetta or maliciously want to ruin a professional’s reputation. These users will post misleading information in their reviews. If you prove that the information displayed on a bad review is false, you can remove it from your profile.

That being said, we offer software that can read the review and tell you right away the chances of the review is successfully disputed.

Think of it as a Review Policy Enforcement service.

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Prepare a Dispute/Removal Strategy
  • or have us dispute the review on your behalf

Step 3:

  • Dispute the review(s) that have a high objection score, directly with HomeAdvisor administrators
  • or have us dispute the review on your behalf

Step 4:

  • Wait for their decision

We offer software for this very process that starts at $20/mo – so get started on a free trial today!

Consumers base their purchase decisions on the opinions of others. Zendesk, a reputable customer service platform, established that 88 percent of consumers make their decisions based on customer service reviews. This is the reason getting a positive review is essential to acquiring new customers. On the other hand, negative reviews can impact your business adversely and drive down your ratings on review sites. As a result, your current customers lose confidence in your services, and potential customers will not give you the benefit of the doubt.

Here are some steps you can take to remove a bad review.

Respond to Reviews

Take time to read all reviews and to engage your customers. When you are committed to responding to both positive and negative reviews, this shows your clients you care about and value their feedback. Replying to a bad review may also present you with a second chance to appease a customer who had a negative experience with your services.

Take the Problem Offline

Depending on the issue, instead of responding to a negative review through public comment, you may be better off replying privately via phone or email. This is one way that will ensure your reputation with other clients remains intact. After you resolve the issue, you can leave a short comment to that effect on your public timeline.

Request for the Comments to Be Removed

Some online users have the habit of posting defamatory, fake, or derogatory statements. These comments violate the policy of the Home Advisor with regards to posting comments. You can appeal to Home Advisor to remove these comments because the reviewer has violated their terms and conditions.

Take Legal Action

If Home Advisor is unable to grant your request, you can seek a court order. Usually, the court order will require the reviewer to remove the negative review. In some cases, you may seek damages for defamatory statements that affect your reputation and client base.

Impact of Negative Reviews on Businesses

While you should expect negative reviews from disgruntled customers, be concerned if you are getting more negative than positive reviews. One thing that poor reviews will do is lower your rating in client review sites and search engines. Negative reviews will also turn away prospective clients from your services. Ultimately, poor reviews will affect your current clientele and impact your returns. Therefore, you must try to deal with negative reviews and make an effort to get positive reviews.

Importance of Improving Customer Experience

The saying that “the customer is always right” applies to all industries. The reviews you get on Home Advisor are based on the kind of experience clients received from you. Don’t be discouraged by bad reviews; instead, use them as a learning experience. Review the complaints made by customers and improve on your weaknesses. When you upgrade your customer’s experience, you will get more reviews that are positive and convert prospective clients.


The digital revolution has changed the way businesses market and conduct transactions. Review sites are one aspect of the technological wave that has affected the profitability of businesses. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to pay attention to the reviews you receive online. Try to generate positive reviews and learn from bad reviews. You should aim to improve customer experience if you want to get positive feedback and increase your clientele base.

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