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Site Jabber, established in 2008, assists consumers to get better information on the companies they wish to purchase from. Many businesses use Site Jabber to increase their online presence and drive customers to their practice. For these businesses, getting positive reviews from clients is the right way of attracting prospective clients, boosting profits. However, it is usual for companies to get poor feedback from customers. While it may seem like an irreversible situation, it is possible to remove bad reviews and save your online reputation.

Despite Site Jabber providing a forum to help consumers find reliable businesses, it doesn’t tolerate reviews that go against its policies. If you feel that you have received a bad review that goes against Site Jabber’s policies, you should consult their terms and conditions.

Here are some situations where you can remove bad reviews of Site Jabber:

  • Fraud: Posting fake reviews is considered unethical and against Site Jabber’s policies. Users found to violate the rules on counterfeit may be subjected to huge fines. The site uses community reporting, software algorithms, and different other strategies to identify and remove false reports.
  • Profanities: Site Jabber doesn’t allow reviews that are profane or use hate speech, obscenity, or bigotry. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t allow users to review adult sites. You can remove negative reviews by claiming that a user violated these terms.
  • Second-Hand Experiences: Site Jabber supports comments based on firsthand experience. Therefore, a person with a second-hand experience is not allowed to post a comment. You are permitted to remove a bad review if you can prove that it is based on second-hand experience.

Removing a Bad Review Off of Site Jabber

Nowadays, most consumers visit Site Jabber to choose businesses to buy from. For this reason, client reviews impact a businesses’ clientele base. While companies should strive to get positive reviews, they can’t escape the possibility of getting a couple of bad reviews. Some of these reviews are genuine, while malicious clients post others. It is essential to monitor all of your reviews and tries as much as possible to eliminate the bad reviews. It may not be possible to remove all negative reviews on your Site Jabber profile, but these steps will help you get rid of a fair share of bad reviews.

Engage the Client Shrewdly

To make your response as effective as possible, you need a plan of action. Respond immediately and make your comments public. However, for highly emotional clients, you may want to communicate privately. It is advisable to keep your tone of communication neutral and calm while at the same time addressing and acknowledging your client’s concerns. Even though you might not be able to satisfy all their needs, you should answer them and make an effort to improve the situation. This will not only encourage the client to remove the bad review but also save your relationship with existing clients.

Appeal to Help Desk

A good fraction of bad reviews is spam or aimed at ruining the reputation of a business. This may be because the reviewer has a vendetta or is trying to intimidate the company for a discount or other malicious reasons. Since this is against the policies of Site Jabber, you can appeal to have the review removed. Alternatively, you can seek a court order to have the reviewer remove the lousy comment or face severe penalties.

Collect Positive Reviews

After you have tried your best to resolve bad reviews, it may be time to collect reviews from as many of your clients as you can. Collecting reviews from numerous clients will help ensure your online reputation and ratings reflect the way customers feel about you. In this way, future bad reviews will be seen in contrast to the broader context of your satisfied customers.

Impact of Negative Reviews on Businesses

Negative reviews can ruin the reputation of your business and cost you a lot of money. Bad reviews not only deprive you of prospective customers but also cause your existing clients to lose confidence in your reliability and quality. Since it takes a long time to build a reputation and just a moment to ruin it, you ought to take all the necessary measures to remove bad reviews from your profile.

Importance of Improving Customer Experience

Improving the customer experience is the key to attracting more reviews that are positive and increasing your clientele. The first step in boosting your customer experience is paying attention to both positive and negative reviews. The positive reviews will help you capitalize on the good qualities of your products or services, whereas the negative reviews will help you to improve on your weaknesses. Overall, it is essential to improve the customer experience to gain a positive reputation, to maximize your profits, and to develop your brand.


The Internet has revolutionized the way people conduct business. Nowadays, reaching out to a large market at a low cost with high returns is attainable through online forums. One such forum is client review sites such as Site Jabber. The site is a middle ground where consumers and professionals meet. Consumers get to post reviews based on their customer experience. Professionals will either receive positive or negative reviews depending on the quality of their products or services. It is the aim of every professional to acquire more positive reviews than negative ones. Notably, we will help you remove bad reviews from your Site Jabber profile.

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