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Curtis Boyd
Curtis Boyd is the CEO/Founder of Objection Co, he enjoys spending time with his family and solving complex business problems.

You think you did everything right

Then you check the customer review section on Houzz and find out differently. Someone or many people have placed a negative review about you, your customer service and business..

You are worried that these reviews can hurt your business and revenues. There is hope. You can get many of the negative reviews removed from Houzz. Just continue to read this article to find out how.

Not every negative review will disappear

This is the one thing you need to keep in mind as you work to remove any reviews that cast you and your business in a bad light. Not all negative reviews are wrong, exaggerated, out and out lies and so on.

Some may very well be factual, honest and to the point, The negative reviews that meet Houzz’s review policy will likely remain. When that happens, the ball i sin your court and you will have to take the right steps to correct those situations.

The importance of improving your business practices

One of the biggest dangers to any business is word of mouth advertising. The messages this advertising style sends can spread faster than a wildfire. Especially if it is a negative message.

People seem to spread negative experiences faster than positive ones. You really need to upgrade your business practices to keep the negative experiences to a minimum.  When your customers have great experiences, they may not talk about it a lot, but they can turn into repeat customers.

That is good for business.

The impact of negative reviews

No one likes to do business with companies that do not keep their word, do not have good customer service and more negatives. When that happens, they now write internet reviews to let others know about what happened.

When those reviews are read, potential customers and even current ones, can change their mind about sending their business your way. The fewer negative reviews you get, the better your business.

With fewer negative reviews, the more people will trust you and your company’s ability to handle their needs. Trust is what will help keep your business profitable. When you lose that trust through negative reviews, then you could lose your profitability

How to remove negative reviews

It is important that you take the right steps to remove negative reviews from Houzz’s website. Here are some of those steps to follow:

  • Contact the reviewer- you can appeal to their good nature and ask them to rethink their review and edit out the negative aspects
  • Contact the company- you can point out that the reviewer was never in your store and did not experience what they claimed to have experienced
  • Prove the review is false- you can point out that the review is exaggerated, non-factual, and not even close to the truth
  • Show that the review violated company policy- bad reviews usually violate this requirement. Just point out where the violation occurred and ask the company to remove the review
  • You can sue- if you have grounds, the time and the evidence to back you up, you can always sue the reviewer for making damaging statements about your company and its practice

You can get help

To a business, time is money. You may not have the time to it takes to remove negative reviews from Houzz. It may just cost you more money than it is worth. In this situation, you can contact us for help.

We can take you through our process, so you know how we do it. We will tell you what to expect and what the chances are of removing a bad review and so on. All it takes is for you to contact us, let us know your problem and supply us with the information we need to work on your behalf.

We can save you the time so you can concentrate on making money through your business. All it takes is a few moments to talk to us.

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