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Running an auto dealership isn’t easy and it comes with its own unique stress that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Sure the cars mostly sell themselves, but you also have to deal with human beings who are notorious for disliking the auto buying experience. There are the usual core problems which makes auto purchasing challenging, but sometimes customers are uniquely put into a place of uncomfort that brings the worst out of them. As a dealer you trying to sell higher end models, which the customer normally wants but can only sometimes afford. So, you get bad reviews at the end of the day from those customers who don’t like “your attitude” despite the real issue being there lack of credit and low down payment.

Yet, that’s not the only mistake which causes getting bad reviews from your customers. Let’s follow and learn more.

Here are some of the most common reasons why a bad review is written for an auto dealership.

Car They Wanted is Now Gone

It happens. People call in wanting a specific car and it gets sold while they are on the way. This problem causes people to really flip out online and write scathing reviews about how they wasted their time. It turns out that people take it very personally when the exact model/trim/color they want was sold because they didn’t want to put down a deposit. Go figure.

Overzealous Sales Tactics.

There are a lot of things that can make your customers angry. For example, as we mentioned before, a salesman who tries to sell every car that the customer faces. It’s pretty irritating. Customers rarely come without knowing which car they think they want to buy. In most cases, they really know which car they want and what color they like. So, they think your job is to show them the car they can buy as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are just wasting their time which might result in an unpleasant review.

High Prices Compared to Market.

Yes, we know that you need to pay your taxes and go to the vacation of which you’ve been dreaming for a couple of years. Yet, let’s put ourselves in a client’s shoes who comes to your store exactly knowing the price of the car she can afford to buy. Let’s imagine her face when she sees the starting price of the car that she came to buy. To me, it’s the face of a man looks at his mother-in-law who comes to visit for a few days. So don’t scare your customers by unconvincing prices. Otherwise, this movie ends with your tears.

Bad Test Drive.

The ultimate thing that makes customers buy a car is test driving. If you can succeed in satisfying them in test driving, you can sell that car. Your customers should enjoy driving the car they’re about to buy. If they face a problem while driving, their decisions can change in a few seconds. So you’re responsible for taking care of test cars properly. A test car should offer more than the client hopes. Otherwise, they leave with frustration and give you a bad review full of anger. 

So How Can You Remove Bad Reviews?

To stop doing these mistakes can help you to get rid of most of the bad reviews about your dealership store. Yet, human beings are contradictory and incomprehensible in most cases. They can continue giving you bad reviews even while you’re doing your best. In such a case, the wisest thing you should do is to get expert help. That’s why we bring Objection AI to life! It’s the best and easiest tool you can use to remove bad and fraud reviews. It qualifies illegitimate reviews that qualify for removal and dispute them automatically. Our technology is available on ZapierAmazon AlexaSlack, and more. You can request a free demo now to see how Objection AI makes your life easier, or you can read success stories of our previous customers. 

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