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The answer is no. No, you cannot pay Yelp to remove bad reviews. However, you can pay someone to dispute negative reviews on Yelp, or anywhere else for a specific fee. However, Yelp does not provide such a service. Besides, you don’t have to pay a fee to dispute a bad review if it violates the policies of Yelp. You can report a Yelp review in a few minutes to suggest Yelp to remove it, but you need to know in advance which reviews you can remove. But note that Yelp may not be helpful if you want to report a review just because you don’t like it or don’t agree with it. Reporting a bad review on Yelp is easy, but we can’t say the same thing for removing it. If you are looking for professional help to understand how to dispute a yelp review, you might want to consider using our free review scanning tool that will help you prepare evidence for your dispute.

Does advertising on Yelp work to remove bad reviews?

No, advertisers do not get special treatment; it comes to disputing negative reviews. They treat everyone, including us, equally. Yelp advertising can help you to showcase your reviews and feedback to potential customers searching for your type of business. We find that when people are reading for reviews, they are usually ready to purchase with their wallets out. Well, real positive customer feedback is going to provide a tremendous amount of confidence and make sales a lot easier.  Of course, we cannot say that this will give 100% results, but real reviews from actual customers will inevitably affect people. You can’t remove bad reviews by advertising on Yelp, but you can do your best to dispute the illegitimate ones and respond to the real ones to show people how much you care about customer satisfaction. Many politicians and business people use this technique quite commonly. When a journalist or provocateur makes a negative review of them, they start to talk about the positive reviews that other people have made about them to suppress the effect of this negative review. Nevertheless, advertising on Yelp will not help you to remove bad reviews since it won’t go beyond making people look in another direction.

Is our Objection AI a savior for you?

It’s more about how you look and what you need. If you want to dispute lousy Yelp reviews that you think violate policies, you can do it on your own. However, it will be very stressful and time-consuming — depending on the size of your business. Protecting online reputation is more complicated than gaining it. You cannot easily do this without a team that will research, list, and take action to remove bad reviews about you on Yelp and other platforms. Moreover, fake bad reviews are like bacteria, and they occur in every suitable environment. So you will need a regularly working team. Objection AI monitors your business, detects objectionable content, and removes them automatically. Also, you won’t need any team or extra budget as long as you own it. Moreover, you can use it not only on Yelp but also on Google, Facebook, Glassdoor, and every other review platform. Now, you can try Objection AI for free by requesting a demo, and you can also see our success stories to learn more about how it makes your business life more comfortable.

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