Bad Reviews will raise your blood pressure
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Be a small startup company with a few people working or a big one with thousands, only a few bad reviews are enough to increase your blood pressure.

Imagine that you pick up your smartphone to view a new notification and encounter with a bad review that one of your customers provided. What would be your first reaction? 

I can hear what you say. Yes, that’s not fair! Of course, you never want any review that you can’t present as a testimonial. Bad reviews are like the dust that we want to sweep under the carpet. None of us wants them, but they come to us anyway.

So, where do we encounter bad reviews?

There are many places for who wants to give you a one-star review. This can be your company website, blog page, social media accounts, and so on. It is pretty easy to deal with bad reviews in places under your control, just delete it. However, what about the third-party sites?

The most popular third-party review places are:

Even one bad review in these places has enough power to decrease your earnings and drive you to failure. Plus, the worse thing than a bad review is the inability of removing it. 

“A bad review may spoil your breakfast, but you shouldn’t allow it to spoil your lunch.” ─ Kingsley Amis.

How should we handle bad reviews?

Bad reviews are frightening, but to handle them greenly is deadly. As we mentioned before, you can have hypertension when you see a bad review about your company. Therefore, you should calm down and take a deep breath to avoid making mistakes. 

Here are some of the best practices you should do with a bad review:

  • Be as patient and wise as a philosopher. A bad review is not the end of your company, but it can be. If you become a prisoner of your anger and provide a bad comment as a reply, you can hurt the credibility of your company and brand. The best thing to do is to be as relaxed as the cow in the meadow.
  • Turn the crisis into opportunity. Read the review iteratively until you get a brilliant idea about how you can turn it into opportunity. If possible, get in touch with the reviewer and ask for further information about the problem. If you provide a high-performing solution for problems of your target audience, they will be ashamed of their behaviour and come to you with a better review.
  • Ask for help. In some cases, you may not be able to get rid of a bad review whatever you do. Maybe you’re having trouble removing it, or you’re not even aware of it. You should ask for expert assistance in such a case. Our AI can identify bad reviews in under 3 minutes. Click to get a free demo now and see how it makes your life easier.

Will our AI reduce your blood pressure?

Yes. Objection AI is the needle that you’re looking for in the haystack. It monitors your business, predicts removal outcomes and helps you with removing fake and unfair reviews. For further information, please take your time to read the success stories of our customers.

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By the way, you can provide a bad review if you dare. Our AI will find you sooner or later. 😈

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