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Here at Objection Co, we skip the fluff. We cut to the important data that you crave. Learn how we report our data to our customers. 

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Custom Reporting for Custom Businesses

We know that your business isn’t cookie cutter, so your reports should not be either.

Include the data you want at the frequency you want it at.

– Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

– Alerts, Scoring, Removals, Responses, Incident Reports, Goals, ect.

Things Included in our Reports

Learn what makes our reporting different than every other Reputation Software Platform in the world.


Alerts + Review Scoring

Our alerts include Objection Scores on all bad reviews. Not just a notification, a notification with advanced data.

Removal Alerts

Get notified in real time if a review was removed, or is being re-submitted for removal.

Response Alerts

Get Alerted when a review requires a public response. We love helping with responses.

Goal Setting

We love setting achievable goals for our customers, this helps you stay focused on the prize.

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