Our Story

Review Removal Technology wasn’t a thing till 2018, our story starts back in 2010.


Bad Yelp Reviews hurt the family business


Online Reputation Management company was started and helped other businesses remove bad reviews.


Online Reputation Management company began taking snapshots of all reviews removed


Featured on Small Business Trends for Review Removal Consulting


Online Reputation Management company compiled data library of removed reviews since 2012

2018 Feb

ChatBot Sparky was programmed for Facebook Messenger

2018 Mar

ChatBot Sparky was programmed for Slack

2018 April

Review Removal API was programmed

2018 April

Review Removal Help Center added to Amazon Alexa

Our Mission:

To provide high end review removal consulting for low end prices that all businesses can afford. We want to empower business owners and marketers and feel confident that consumers can’t write whatever they want, but have to comply with the terms and conditions. Let us help you make those disputes and objections, here at Objection Co.

Our Team:

Currently our team consists of 2 people. The Founder and the Developer. We are hiring!

Curtis Boyd is the Founder who conceptualized Objection Co. His expertise in Online Reputation Management gave Objection Co the direction for review removal technology. Working as a consultant with so many reseller opportunities in Online Reputation Software, he came up with the void of negative review technology.
Curtis Boyd
Andrew is the full stack Developer who built our platfrom from scratch. Our computer wiz, our guru and our code breaker. He single handedly programmed the web crawlers and API's that work to power our review removal strategy and review notifications. Without Andrew Davison, we would not be here today helping thousands of businesses removing bad reviews.
Andrew Davison

Our Technology is available on:

Our AI:

Our server has an autonomous learning system that evaluates it’s own performance based on a single outcome. Outcome: Was the review removed?

Our server works to provide strategy on how to remove reviews based on known violations of Terms of Service, Content Guidelines and Community Standards provided by Yelp, Google and Facebook.

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