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Curtis Boyd
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It’s official. 

Yelp allows negative business reviews about direct mail.

What the heck happened? See for yourself.

The response.

Let’s examine the review.

1 – “This company is a nightmare.They send the same letter and advertisement out every two to three weeks.

2. Despite my telling them that the person they’re addressing the mailings to has been dead for 6 years (seeing that name on the mail causes me pain) AND that I don’t have a furnace…… every two weeks there is a new one in my mailbox. 

3 – The last time they assured me that they had already removed late husband’s name from their mailing list and 18 days later here comes the same advertisement. 

4 – I fail to understand why they need to mail every couple of weeks, it’s harassment. 

5 – If they can’t be trusted to remove a name from the mailing list can they be trusted for anything else?


1 – Company is a nightmare because of direct mail? I don’t see any bad reviews she wrote for credit card offers, coupon mailers, ect. At least be consistent.

2 – Husband passed away 6 years ago, seeing his name causes pain. We get it, but this is on another level. Perhaps the business can offer healthier coping mechanisms.


3 – Company relayed message to direct mail provider, but wasn’t implemented quickly.


4 – Direct mail considered harassment?


5 – Attacks companies ethics because she got another letter


Protect Yourself People!

B2C Direct Mail is a huge market, if your a direct mail provider I would urge you look at your DNC scrub protocols so can you help your customers get disgruntled consumers off their audience list asap.

If your a business using a direct mail provider, be sure to show them this article so they can make sure their DNC list can be updated quickly. Reputation Matters!

Closing Thoughts.

Yelp still has a long way to go when being able to moderate content perfectly. Since they are one of the best in the business, it’s good to hold them to higher levels of accountability.

You gotta ask yourself, does this review about  _______  help consumers make a better spending decision with the company? Is it useful for people who are thinking of hiring them?

Only first person consumers should be able to write reviews. Only people who spent money in exchange for a product or service should be able to share their experience. 

Getting direct mail shouldn’t count. Your better than this.

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