Our Technology Evaluates The Legitimacy of Bad Reviews

Illegitimate Reviews Can Be Removed

Objection Co Scores
The following scores are used to indicate the level of potential success for removal based on a numeric value system with a range from 0-5
0.0 - Removal is not possible
1.0 - Removal is very unlikely
2.0 - Removal is unlikely
3.0 - Removal occurs occassionally
4.0 - Removal occurs frequently
5.0 - Removal occurs almost always
Nobody likes Unscrupulous Reviews
We built this technology to help you analyze your bad reviews to see if they quality for removal
The test is designed to help you decide weather to respond to the review, to try to remove it based on its unique content and reviewer
We have tried to make it easy for tech saavy consultants and not-tech saavy businnes owners unlike. Simple put, we wanted a easy to read and understand system that would help you understand your bad reviews and what to do about them.

This review may qualify for removal.

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