Successful Disputes: Our North Star Metric

Dispute Strategy is HUGE
when working with administrators.

Many review websites don't look at the facts, but the content and other technical things that may qualify a review for removal. We focus on what gets results.

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"Do It For You" Dispute Button

For our customers requesting review removal in our dashboard, our system will automatically communicate with review administrators based on the unique content of the review. You don’t need lift a finger, just sit back and relax while our system handles the entire removal process for you.

Dispute Review Features

Pending | Submitted | Removed


DIspute Strategy

While a review is pending removal, our system will create a strategy and submit it to the review administrators for removal.

Real Time Updates

Get notified anytime we submit, hear back, resubmit or get a removal notification. You can be notified via email or sms.

Automatic ReSubmission

Just because they say no the first time does not mean we give up. If we believe a review truly qualifies for removal, we may resubmit it up for 4 times.

Transparent Expectations

With our review scoring, you can get a better idea of what can be removed even before the review is submitted for removal.

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