Turn that Frown Upside Down: How Bad Reviews Can Build Confidence in Your Brand

No small business owner likes negative reviews. But a bad review isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your business. A bad review with no follow up is.  Negative reviews give you the chance to learn something about your business and show off next-level customer care. They also give customers an honest look at who you

The Importance of Customer Voices – and the Real Damage of Bad Reviews

The customer may have always been right – but they’ve never had the kind of reach they do today. Review sites are at their literal fingertips. Powered by social media, both good and bad feedback about your business can spread like wildfire.  And there’s the flipside: people looking for a restaurant, a mechanic or even

Customer Review Sites: The Anatomy of Feedback on Yelp, Facebook and Google

Your target audience most likely takes customer reviews very seriously – so you should take the time to understand them. These days, online reviews are not an afterthought for most retail businesses. They are central to building and maintaining your reputation.  Knowing what what makes up helpful reviews can be beneficial in a variety of