Why are online reviews so critical for your business?

Almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews, according to a study of BrightLocal in 2014. Likewise, 94% of customers read at least a few online reviews about a product before buying it, according to a study of Fan & Fuel in 2016. Thus, online reviews can make a product bestseller or push it to the back of the

Are online reviews trustworthy?

Online reviews have considerable power to make businesses trustworthy. And most of the third-party review websites have more than millions of online reviews. According to Yelp's 2008 report, people made 170+ million reviews on Yelp, and about 180 million different visitors visited this platform monthly. Yet, it wouldn't be crazy to say that more than

How to remove Google search results

Google search results have often been a useful tool for us to reach our target audience directly. But sometimes you may want to get rid of them, and you could have more than one reason to do this. Some search results could be outdated or harmful to your reputation. So, you would like to sweep

When is it time for a Defamation Lawyer

Someone or a group of people insulted the reputation of you or your company, and you want to go legal? You take a chair then because we'll open the defamation lawyer directory. In daily life, people insult others less than in the online world because it takes guts when it comes to face to face.

What is sock puppetting?

The sock puppet is a hand puppet made from a sock, and the term 'sock puppetting' refers to a fake account that someone created for purposes of deception. When you use a sock puppet, you stand out from your own identity and impersonate an imaginary one. That's why we refer to sock puppets when we

Illegal review brushing techniques being widespread today

Online reviews are much more precious and dangerous today, as we think the positive and negative effects of them on the business world. Today, almost no business person wants to argue the gains of a 5-star review or losses of a 1-star review. That's because the result of online reviews on the business world is

Crowdturfing & Astroturfing: What’s the difference?

The terms crowdturfing and astroturfing aren't as far away from each other as we think. They're, actually, quite close relatives. Crowdturfing is a new term that is a combination of crowdsourcing and astroturfing terms. So, we first need to find out what the terms astroturfing and crowdsourcing mean to understand crowdturfing and determine the differences

Best practices to repair your online reputation

Like everything else, the reputation of you and your company has now moved to the online world. Today, your current and future customers can easily see and evaluate the image of your business on the internet. Besides, many third-party review platforms, like Yelp and Glassdoor, have been observing your business and updating its image day by day. Moreover,

Review Fraud is running rampant

Nowadays, many small to large business owners are searching for ways to get more reviews as the positive and negative impact of them on the business world isn't ignorable. On account of this, review fraud continues to run rampant since some of these business owners want to achieve success effortlessly. However, fake reviews are harmful

The real reason people are motivated to write bad reviews

As Bill Gates said, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Bad reviews reflect the hidden feelings and thoughts of your unhappy customers. You can also utilize these reviews to learn how your customers see you in their minds. However, you can't find out why people don't like you or why they