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facebook review removal
How to Remove A Bad Facebook Review

Reviews are an important part of the customer experience. They tell companies what users enjoy about their products or services, and also let them know what areas of their business performance could be improved. Reviews are intended to be honest and impartial. No matter what kind of business you have or how outstanding your customer

google review removal
How to Remove a Bad Google Review

Ah, good old Google. It is hard to even remember a time before Google was the answer to all of our questions. Google is the most popular search engine. People use it every day, especially when deciding where to take their money and business. Such is the reality that you can't keep everyone happy. Sooner and

Trip Advisor Review Removal
How To Remove A Bad Review Off Of Trip Advisor

A question that gets asked a lot is if you can remove bad reviews off of TripAdvisor and, if so, how. Before we begin, it is important that you realize that not all bad reviews can be removed, but some can and we are happy to help you how to identify reviews that qualify for

Turn that Frown Upside Down: How Bad Reviews Can Build Confidence in Your Brand

No small business owner likes negative reviews. But a bad review isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your business. A bad review with no follow up is.  Negative reviews give you the chance to learn something about your business and show off next-level customer care. They also give customers an honest look at who you

The Importance of Customer Voices – and the Real Damage of Bad Reviews

The customer may have always been right – but they’ve never had the kind of reach they do today. Review sites are at their literal fingertips. Powered by social media, both good and bad feedback about your business can spread like wildfire.  And there’s the flipside: people looking for a restaurant, a mechanic or even

Removing Bad Reviews off of Health Grades

Don’t think Healthgrades is important? Think again, Healthgrades has one of the biggest physician rating databases. HealthGrades provides a broad range of information, including patient reviews that are utilized to evaluate physicians. For example, Healthgrades includes information on health care providers’ board certifications, the insurance plans they allow, and the procedures they offer. Most importantly

Customer Review Sites: The Anatomy of Feedback on Yelp, Facebook and Google

Your target audience most likely takes customer reviews very seriously – so you should take the time to understand them. These days, online reviews are not an afterthought for most retail businesses. They are central to building and maintaining your reputation.  Knowing what what makes up helpful reviews can be beneficial in a variety of

How To Delete a Bad Yelp Review

So you’ve gotten a bad Yelp review, what do you do? Scream? Choke an employee? (don’t choke your employee’s) Hire your lawyer to sue your customer? If your looking for an expert, you should call us. Like right now. 800-495-9413 While this is probably common knowledge for most, I should tell you that only Yelp

Removing Bad Reviews off of AVVO.com

Avvo is arguably the only attorney review website that actually matters.  It ranks well, it filters content and the site is super helpful to its audience of millions of people each month. Fortunately, their support staff are super responsive when it comes to disputing and flagging bad reviews for removal. Fact: It only takes a

How to Remove A Bad Review from Glass Door

GlassDoor Reviews Matter. Bad Glassdoor Reviews can and will impact your ability to recruit amazing talent and get past customers doing LOTS of due diligence.  Fortunately they can be removed. If you want your bad Glass Door reviews removed, contact us immediately. Why does Glass Door matter? Glassdoor is a professional website that has been