5 Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Boost Their SEO in 30 days
5 Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Boost Their SEO in 30 days

Healthcare marketing has become increasingly competitive. More and more patients find it harder to choose the best healthcare facilities for their needs because of the number of search results and choices that show up when they search for healthcare providers.  Hence, as a healthcare provider, you need to use medical SEO and boost it to

writing customers to ask for removal
How (NOT) to Ask Your Customer To Remove a Review

In the age of social media, customer reviews have become a staple in communication between companies and customers. Whether you're looking at Google or Amazon, reviews are an integral part of the online shopping experience. But what do you do when your company gets a bad review? This blog post will discuss how to approach

mail truck
Yelp gives the ‘OK’ to complain about direct mail

It's official.   Yelp allows negative business reviews about direct mail. What the heck happened? See for yourself. The response. Let's examine the review. 1 - "This company is a nightmare.They send the same letter and advertisement out every two to three weeks. 2. Despite my telling them that the person they're addressing the mailings

Curtis Boyd chats with Dan @ TropicalMBA Podcast

Here's the transcript to the interview with Dan @ Tropical MBA https://share.fireside.fm/episode/XFa5qoiV+LI_9uEsz Hi, yes, the steak please. I'm via Yelp elite.  Speaker 2·00:05 Or give it that special attention. You got it. Hey, podcast listener. Even if you are alone in your entrepreneurial journey, know that today right now in your earbuds, you are joined by thousands of entrepreneurs

fake review datasets
Fake Yelp Review DataSet | Objection Co | AI/ML Training for NLP Models

100% Fake Yelp Review DataSet Hello AI Enthusiasts! I have datasets that are compiled of 100% fake reviews. These datasets took me hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars over many years to collect. You see, I had no idea I would be getting into AI/ML and was collecting these reviews for future content for my

The risks of not doing anything about your bad reviews.
The risks of not doing anything about your bad reviews.

You might be wondering why this post is titled “The Risks of not doing anything.” Well, it’s simple — there are big risks in thinking, “eh, I can just ignore my bad reviews. I don’t really have to do anything about them.” Sooner than later, you will realize what good could come from taking action.

How to use bad reviews to improve your sales
How to use bad reviews to improve your sales

People often ask me how to handle bad reviews, but my answer is always the same. You use them to improve your business! I wanted to write a blog about this and want to share with you this powerful way of thinking. It’s easy to focus on the bad side of reviews, but we tend

Getting a bad review doesn't mean your a scam
Getting a bad review doesn’t mean your business a scam

A lot of business owners think that bad reviews are a death sentence, with some fearing that a bad review will lead to bankruptcy your business a scam. There is even a saying to go with this belief: If you get too many one-star reviews, you need to find a new line of work. Businesses

ethical considerations
Ethical implications of businesses buying fake reviews

The business world is very complex and also a competitive battleground. That's why about 595,000 businesses close each year, while over 627,000 new ones are born. Aside from the ever-changing conditions, it is not that simple to deal with the wisdom of old competitors and the courage of new ones. So, in such an unmerciful

Do not fake it till you make it.jpg
Fake it till you make it doesn’t work with online reviews

You have a new product or service that you genuinely think is good for your customers. You've already done all the copy, advertisement, and other marketing stuff. But you have no customer reviews. How can you get those reviews in the fastest and easiest way? Will you buy fake online reviews and deceive your audience