Annual Unlimited Disputes

Get Protection from untruthful customers, competitors and other sources of low quality reviews. 

Once your covered our team will proactively

Monitor Bad Reviews

Monitor Your Reputation

Detect an Illegitimate Review

Detect Fake reviews

Dispute Bad Reviews

Dispute Fake reviews

Dispute Reviews in Dashboard

  • Point and click dispute button
  • See Objection Scores for reviews that qualify for removal
  • See the progress of removals inside the dashboard 
  • Pending | Submitted | Removed

Fast Turnaround Times

  • Reviews submitted for removal within 24hrs of on boarding.
  • Normally, administrators respond to reviews within 3-5 business days
  • Immediate customer support

Customer Testmonial Video's

Registration Takes 20 seconds.

Registration Takes 20 seconds.

"Put an illegimate review in [Objection Co] and it will be taken care of. It's wonderful technology because real reviews should be real, and fake reviews really shouldn't be on there" - Ramsey Karame
"Objection Co helped us remove close to 30 reviews in just a few weeks, bringing us another star to our rating. I couldn't have done it on my own." - Max Avocadi
"As a lawyer who works with clients who have been stalked and harassed. Objection Co has been a valuable resource in putting an end to false, defamatory and harassing reviews. Objection Co has assisted with the removal of insidious posts that could be career or reputation ruiners on such platforms such as Yelp and Facebook"  - Robin Sax
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