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Curtis Boyd
Curtis Boyd is the CEO/Founder of Objection Co, he enjoys spending time with his family and solving complex business problems.

100% Fake Google Review DataSet

Hello AI Enthusiasts!

I have datasets that are compiled of 100% fake reviews. These datasets took me hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars over many years to collect.

You see, I had no idea I would be getting into AI/ML and was collecting these reviews for future content for my Online Reputation Practice.  I ended up starting an AI/Software company so now we use these datasets ourselves.

If your a student doing an AI/ML project, feel free to email me! curtis@objection.co (be prepared to share your current student ID/current assignment data)

If your a business looking to do some research on Fake Reviews using a dataset containing ONLY fake reviews and you have a budget for this data, then don’t hesitate to contact us too.

The kind of data I have by fields:

  • Review Content
  • Reviewer Profile URL (google.com/maps/contrib/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Business URL       (google.com/maps/place/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Star Rating
  • Date

I have 3 datasets available: 100 reviews, 1000 reviews, 10000 reviews (all fake). I could also segment them by business type, if you need.

Special Considerations:

– The businesses that have the fake review, have LOTS of other fake reviews. They tend to be VERY defensive about these reviews, and may attack if provoked. (trust me, I know)

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