What is sock puppetting?

The sock puppet is a hand puppet made from a sock, and the term 'sock puppetting' refers to a fake account that someone created for purposes of deception. When you use a sock puppet, you stand out from your own identity and impersonate an imaginary one. That's why we refer to sock puppets when we

Illegal review brushing techniques being widespread today

Online reviews are much more precious and dangerous today, as we think the positive and negative effects of them on the business world. Today, almost no business person wants to argue the gains of a 5-star review or losses of a 1-star review. That's because the result of online reviews on the business world is

Crowdturfing & Astroturfing: What’s the difference?

The terms crowdturfing and astroturfing aren't as far away from each other as we think. They're, actually, quite close relatives. Crowdturfing is a new term that is a combination of crowdsourcing and astroturfing terms. So, we first need to find out what the terms astroturfing and crowdsourcing mean to understand crowdturfing and determine the differences