Bad Reviews can be Scored on how likely they can be removed

Set Realistic Expectations
for Review Removal
when it matters most

So many Online Reputation professionals claim to guarantee removal, when in fact - many legitimate negative reviews cannot be removed. 

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Analyze negative customer feedback
at scale using our API

Objection Co is powered by our proprietary API that can process tens of thousands of reviews per second. So whether you manage a single location or thousands of locations we can help you identify reviews that qualify for removal in mere seconds. With our API you can get real time feedback on how likely a bad review can be removed, within 60 seconds of a bad review being published by a customer ** 

Features of our Scoring


Easy To Understand

Our score is simple and works on a 0-5 point based system.

Relevant Insight

Our Scoring system will also provide some insight as why it received a particular score.

Actionable Advice

Our scoring will provide DIY instructions on how to remove the review and what to say.

AI & Machine Learning

We use multiple layers of artificial intelligence to score reviews.

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