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As Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bad reviews reflect the hidden feelings and thoughts of your unhappy customers. You can also utilize these reviews to learn how your customers see you in their minds. However, you can’t find out why people don’t like you or why they hate you by only asking. You can’t even guess what the people smiling on your face will say behind you. Yet, only one bad review can show what is wrong with you. That’s why these reviews are our best learning sources. Every bad review has a hidden motivation behind the hateful sentences. Once you learn this motivation properly, you will have the ability to motivate every reviewer to remove or change their reviews.

So what motivates people to write bad reviews?

The real reason why people are motivated to write bad reviews is customer dissatisfaction. Besides undermining your credibility and reputation, customer dissatisfaction also plays a significant role in decreasing your earnings and leading you to bankruptcy — even if you don’t cause it. This dissatisfaction can be either customer-oriented or marketer-oriented, but it only hurts marketers, not customers. As a marketer, you should first find out why you can’t satisfy your customers and what is the problem with you. To save your company from bad reviews, you need to increase the customer satisfaction level of your company. To improve this satisfaction level, you should stop doing things that decrease it.

The common reasons for marketer-oriented dissatisfaction are:

  • Deceptive ads. The most common reason for product returns is that the product is not as mentioned. Don’t ever think to fool your customers.
  • Low service. It doesn’t only cause the loss of your existing customers but also undermines the flow of new ones. Keep in mind that the best service is the best source of income.
  • Late delivery. Like justice, late delivery isn’t acceptable. You are responsible for delivering orders on time.

You can save your company from most of the bad reviews by ending to do these. However, customer dissatisfaction isn’t something one-sided. You can continue having bad reviews even if you stop doing these. Customers are human beings, and they are inconsistent. A customer can give a bad review just because she hates or envies you. Indeed, a significant amount of bad reviewers are haters and jealous people. These people can reduce your reputation and credibility by only saying a couple of words — even if you’re the best in the world. To handle these reviews properly, you should learn what the dissatisfaction of these people is.

The common reasons for customer-oriented dissatisfaction are:

  • Low self-confidence. Most of the haters and jealous people are not self-confident. Since they don’t believe in themselves, they think that applauding others’ achievements humiliates themselves.
  • Indecision. These people think that they need something until they get it, and they realize that they don’t need it once they get it. So they accuse you because of this.
  • Fraud. These people aren’t real customers, but they act as a customer to undermine your customer satisfaction level. They could be your competitors, previous workers, or haters.

To save your company from bad and fake reviews, you should stop doing things caused by you. You can also get in touch with the reviewers to remove customer-oriented bad reviews, but you don’t have enough chances to satisfy them because there is nothing you can solve on your own. In such a situation, a third-party application can solve your problems in more straightforward way than you expected. Now, you can test our Objection AI for free to see how it helps you to remove bad and fake reviews in a few minutes.

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