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Bad reviews are everywhere. They’re like bacteria that swear to make everyone sick as soon as winter begins. They kill the reputation and credibility of all businesses from big to small. They don’t only spoil your breakfasts and dinners, but also increase your blood pressure. But don’t worry. We are here to automate the review removal process to offer you a better performance. 

Our dream is more transparency in the business world, and we aim to give you better returns. Objection AI learns new stuff every day to serve you better, and we too. It seeks bad reviews, scores them, and removes or responds to them as you want. Moreover, you can make this process fully automatic to save time and energy.

Removing bad reviews is an art to us, and we work with care to take place in your heart because that’s what motivates us. So, we analyze each success and failure daily to improve our systems and our removal strategy. That’s why we integrate our Objection AI with Zapier to help you zap bad reviews easier. As we know that we wrote this post for real dummies, we want to tell a bit about Zapier.

What is Zapier, and how does it automate the process?

Zapier is a web app that lets you automate workflows of 1,500+ apps, including Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook Pages, and more. You can use it for free, or you can buy premium plans to handle more complex workflows. Our Objection AI integrates with Zapier, and you can easily automate the review removal process by creating workflows on Zapier. To do this, you should first create an Objection and Zapier account. Then, you can learn more about how you can use Objection AI on Zapier to make things easier.

Zapier + Objection Co
Zapier + Objection Co

What will you get if you automate the review removal process?

First of all, we offer you more time and energy by automating the review removal and response process. You are no longer alone in dealing with bad reviews about your company. Our intelligent AI and hardworking team are here to save your reputation and credibility. We identify bad and fake reviews, then list them as dangerous and non-dangerous, and then offer you to remove or respond. Moreover, you can automate all this process and save the future of your company even while you’re sleeping. 

We know that bad reviews cost small businesses billions of dollars, and they increase the cost of advertising. A recent Harvard study shows that bad reviews are more dangerous for your company and brand than you expected. They undermine the reputation and credibility of your brand and block the new customer flow. If you can’t find a high-performing solution for these bad reviews, you can find yourself on the verge of bankruptcy. So, we don’t want this to happen and work with care to learn more stuff to save your brand. 

Objection AI removed 140+ fake reviews about a restaurant in a short time, and it would be more expensive for our customers to hire an agency for this job. Watch this video to learn more about how our AI helped Ramsey Karame, the co-owner of Chicken Maison.

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