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Bad Reviews can and will:

Ruin customer confidence in your business

Lower your annual revenues ​

Increase the costs of your digital marketing. ​

With us, you have the toolset you need to combat bad reviews.

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Bad Review gets published

Our Server reads review

Server Formulates Strategy


How does review removal software work?

Our server reads through bad reviews looking for reasons why a review might qualify for removal based on:

  • Terms of Service
  • Content Guidelines
  • Community Standards

Review removal requests are then created based on the unique content on a case by case basis. Not all bad reviews will qualify for removal. We include include written communication with review websites as well as their responses in a real time environment.

Disclaimer: We have no special relationship with Yelp, Google or Facebook and using our third party service may not improve your chances of successful review removal. Reviews are only removed by the administrators of each corresponding website, we have no way to remove them ourselves.

Advanced Review Removal Technology

Real-Time Updates

Our server will notify you when we hear back from review websites with their decision.

Review Notifications

Get notifications when new reviews come in via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Slack.

In Depth Removal Strategy

Our server has been programmed to evaluate reviews to provide the best review removal strategy available.

Relationship Management

Not all reviews will qualify for removal. We will help you and your team collaborate to respond appropriately.

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