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Online reviews have considerable power to make businesses trustworthy. And most of the third-party review websites have more than millions of online reviews. According to Yelp‘s 2008 report, people made 170+ million reviews on Yelp, and about 180 million different visitors visited this platform monthly. Yet, it wouldn’t be crazy to say that more than 20% of these reviews are probably fake. According to a survey of BrightLocal, 82% of consumers read a fake review in the year 2019. That’s because many people have started to manipulate online reviews since they discovered that these reviews have a significant effect on the reputation and credibility of businesses.

Why do people write fake reviews?

There are so many reasons why people are writing fake reviews. So, it will take days or even weeks if we decide to make a list. But the most common reasons are the following,

  • Your competitors in the business world pay someone to write fake reviews for the purpose of undermining your reputation.
  • Your former employees bear a grudge against you, and they prefer to vomit their anger in front of a community.
  • A business person pays someone to write positive reviews to improve his reputation and credibility.
  • People who hate you for any reason want to harm your success in any way, and they abuse online review platforms.

How much of the online reviews are trustworthy?

This rate varies from platform to platform because each platform has its own defense mechanism. Therefore, it’s much lower on the platforms with the strictest rules against fake and unfair reviews. For example, many businesses go to fraud in Amazon reviews since its policy against fake reviews is open to abuse. Conversely, it’s much harder to give a fake review on Glassdoor since they have strict policies against it. Although we can’t give exact rates, we can say that not all the reviews you read on the internet are real and that you will undoubtedly face fake ones. Our advice to you in this regard is to support your findings by visiting more than one review platform.

What to do against fake and unfair reviews?

If you face an online review that you think is fake or unfair, you can report it to the authorities. Many of the online review platforms have the feature of flagging inappropriate content. Yet, just because you have reported a review doesn’t mean that they will remove it. The review removal process of each platform works differently, and it takes at least one week to fulfill your requests. Moreover, for a review to be eligible for removal, it must violate the policies of its platform. That is, reviews that you don’t like will remain if they don’t violate policies.

If you can’t remove an online review that hurts the reputation of you or your business, maybe it’s time for you to meet our Objection AI. It’s an AI-supported application that monitors your business and saves your reputation by removing or responding to fake and unfair reviews. You can learn more about it by reading our success stories, or you can test it for free by requesting a demo.

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