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Why are online reviews so critical for your business?

Almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews, according to a study of BrightLocal in 2014. Likewise, 94% of customers read at least a few online reviews about a product before buying it, according to a study of Fan & Fuel in 2016. Thus, online reviews can make a product bestseller or push it to the back of the

Best practices to repair your online reputation

Like everything else, the reputation of you and your company has now moved to the online world. Today, your current and future customers can easily see and evaluate the image of your business on the internet. Besides, many third-party review platforms, like Yelp and Glassdoor, have been observing your business and updating its image day by day. Moreover,

new customer reviews
How to get 80% of your customers to write you a review

Imagine having 8/10 customers writing a review for you. Yeah, that's an INSANELY high number. Not only will you need you to utilize Jedi mind tricks, which I am about to teach you... You are going to need to be aware of the language you use throughout the ENTIRE experience with your customers. Let's start

bad reviews increase the cost of advertising
Bad reviews increase the cost of advertising, but how?

Advertising is still the best method of communication with your target audience ─ also the most expensive one. Everyone, including you, wants to create ads with the best return and on the lowest cost. But things may not go as planned. A few bad reviews you get will lead you to pay more for future