Case Study:

Cafe Portofino Restaurant

Successful Review Disputes

(3-week Post Snapshot)

Reviews Removed by (other)

Reviews Removed by (other)


Reviews Removed by Trip Advisor

Reviews Removed by Trip Advisor


 Reviews Removed by Google

Reviews Removed by Google


Total Reviews Removed
$ 0
Total Amount Paid (annual plan)
$ 0
Total Cost Per Review Removed

Note: Customer has 49 paid weeks left of service

Yelp Reviews

Yelp Page
Yelp is one of the most important review websites for Restaurants. Harvard even did a dedicated study for the relationship between privately owned restaurants and Yelp Star rating and the impact on revenue. 
  • Yelp Reviews can be successfully disputed.
  • Yelp doesn’t give anyone special removal privileges

Trip Advisor Reviews

Trip Advisor is one of the best review sites for restaurants in touristic locations. It has one of the largest review bases and is heavily weighted in a businesses Online Reputation.
  • Trip Advisor reviews can be successfully disputed.
  • Amazing reviewer community and administration support.
  • Top Review Websites for Traveling/Tourism sector.
TripAdvisor Listing

Google Reviews

Google Listing
Google My Business is a huge deal for your Online Reputation, its also huge for local SEO. 
  • Google reviews can be successfully disputed 
  • GMB Administrators are also available via Twitter (unique)