You can enjoy our service's features with our simple JSON API. Currently, only one call is available:

  • The Review Removal Strategy search returns any known review removal strategy found using one given review source name and review content.

Send a JSON object with the following fields:


  • review_id
  • review_star_rating review_source
  • review_content
  • API_Key
  • webhook – Your Endpoint
  • data contains the data you requested.
  • meta provides information regarding your request


Authentication is made with a key you will have to add to every call you make to our API. This parameter is always required. We'll return an error if the key is either missing or invalid.

Your API key is what identifies your account, so make sure to keep it secret! You can at anytime generate or delete API keys on your dashboard.


Objection Co’s API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

In case of an error, we'll return an array of errors containing information regarding what happened.

Review Removal Strategy Search

One key feature of Objection Co is to parse review content give to us. You give us the review content and it returns a strategy for removing that review based on its source

Source Required

Domain name from where you want to get removal strategy. For example, "yelp". "facebook", or "google".

Review Content Required

You will need to include the review content.

Review ID

Specifies the ID # of your customers review.


Your secret API key. You can generate it in your dashboard.

Star Rating

This helps us identify the review for result based monitoring.

    "data": {
    "meta": {